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Podcasts: Pastor "O" Speaks

Pastor "O" Speaks - Episode: 01/10/18 The journey to reconciliation Play

Unpacking the intentionality, steps and goals in the pursuit of reconciliation.

Pastor "O" Speaks - Episode: 12/13/17 Are You Ready Play

As the Christian church around the world celebrates 500 years of the Protestant Reformation, America begins a new reformation. Are you ready?

Pastor "O" Speaks - Episode: 11/15/17 "ME TOO" Play

Amid the deluge of both men and women sharing their deepest secrets,what are the psychological,socialogical and spiritual implications for our future?

Pastor "O" Speaks - Episode: 11/01/17 Home of the Brave Play

Home of the Brave

Pastor "O" Speaks - Episode: 10/18/17 MINIONS FROM HELL-NANCY GRACE Play


Pastor "O" Speaks - Episode: 10/04/17 For such a time as this Play

In the aftermath of disaster and mayhem, some may question where is God? how do we remember Gods promises to never leave us or forsake us and provide for all of our needs

Pastor "O" Speaks - Episode: 08/23/17 I’ll Say Yes` Play

When we agree with God and say yes it doesn’t mean everything is just peachy. When we say yes to God we must be willing to go with the flow not control it.

Pastor "O" Speaks - Episode: 08/09/17 Living Atonement Play

Erring on the side of Grace What "WOULD" jesus do? Bless those who despitefully use and abuse you?

Pastor "O" Speaks - Episode: 07/26/17 Growing pains Play

Bless me lord help me lord! this hurts lord! pruning is tramatic but necessary for optimum growth. change required

Pastor "O" Speaks - Episode: 06/28/17 Walking Into Your Destiny Play

Scripture tells us that we walk by Faith and not by sight. How do we walk into the unknown without fear? How do we walk by faith?

Pastor "O" Speaks - Episode: 06/14/17 And the band played on Play

The trials and tribulations of our lives can make us feel like giving up and giving in. How do we persevere when it seems like all hell is breaking loose?

Pastor "O" Speaks - Episode: 05/31/17 Living into Life Play

Do you get it yet? Journeying through life, learning is often trial and error. How we learn from our failures can teach us more than basking in our successes.

Pastor "O" Speaks - Episode: 05/17/17 Speak to my heart spirit Play

In this world where hearing voices is thought of as a sign of being crazy, mentally losing it, how do we hear, identify and believe in the promises said to us through the holy spirit?

Pastor "O" Speaks - Episode: 05/03/17 "Who We Be" Play

How do we ackknowledge our past while we embrace our preseat in the midst of hoping for our future

Pastor "O" Speaks - Episode: 04/19/17 Keeping it Real Play

John 8:32 And you shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free. Jesus said the truth will make you free. How do we be truth-tellers in a society that accepts the propagation of deception that creates confusion?

Pastor "O" Speaks - Episode: 03/22/17 United States of confusion Play

United States of confusion

Pastor "O" Speaks - Episode: 02/22/17 Conflict & Christians Embracing Our Purpose Play

Pastor O speaks about the purpose in our pain

Pastor "O" Speaks - Episode: 02/08/17 Shine Jesus Shine Play

Children sing "This Little Light of Mine"..However,in trying times, when we need God the most, as adults we seem afraid to go against the flow. How do we have the courage to be a "Vision" or reflection of Gods" light to and in the world?

Pastor "O" Speaks - Episode: 01/25/17 Be Encouraged Play


Pastor "O" Speaks - Episode: 01/11/17 Is God pleased with us? Play

As we walk-live, in the light of God, are we making decisions that will end with God being pleased with us

Pastor "O" Speaks - Episode: 12/07/16 Be Not Afraid contact us

Fear not, Be not dismayed, I will strengthen you, I will uphold you with My righteous right hand. Isa. 41:10 What are you afraid of ?

Pastor "O" Speaks - Episode: 11/09/16 After The vote contact us

The Church, Faith and the new President.

Pastor "O" Speaks - Episode: 10/26/16 Keep it on the down-low contact us

Discussion of the journey from Humility to Exaltation.

Pastor "O" Speaks - Episode: 09/28/16 STAND contact us

After you have done all you can. STAND therefore!
Donnie McClurkin - STAND

Pastor "O" Speaks - Episode: 09/14/16 Truth you can trust contact us

This election year,who is reliable? Who gives assurance and certainty? Who can we believe ane have faith in?

Pastor "O" Speaks - Episode: 05/11/16 Are We Depositors or Depleters? contact us

An in debt discussion about how we affect ourselves and others in our relationships

Pastor "O" Speaks - Episode: 04/13/16 Complicity in our Brokenness contact us

After we've done all we can then we can STAND. When we don't do or start and stop doing what we can does that mean we agree with our brokenness?

Pastor "O" Speaks - Episode: 03/31/16 Gods’ you Shall contact us

From promise to manifestation. Fill My Cup Lord! Where or what is the Cup? What kind of cup is it? Fill it with what? Getting ready to receive the promise…how long Lord? And When?

Pastor "O" Speaks - Episode: 03/16/16 Loving: choice or obligation contact us

To give love, to express love, isn't so much a choice but an obligation-music by Nora Roberts

Pastor "O" Speaks - Episode: 03/02/16 Who do you think you are? contact us

Exploring our awareness of self, connects to our ability to achieve our destiny.

Pastor "O" Speaks - Episode: 01/06/16 Looking Back and Going Forward contact us

Lot’s wife was turned into pillar of salt when she looked back. Hindsight is often clearer than foresight. Our testimony is validated when we look back over what we’ve been through.

Pastor "O" Speaks - Episode: 12/09/15 Faith over fear contact us

Healing wounds of fear and trauma

Pastor "O" Speaks - Episode: 12/02/15 Throwing Shade contact us

Pastor O & daughter talk about flirting with the darkside

Pastor "O" Speaks - Episode: 11/11/15 Wise as a serpent contact us

Our relationship with a snake usually involves fear and then the death of the snake. Are we destroying our source of wisdom because we reject the package before we learn from it. Are we killing our messengers before we hear the message?

Pastor "O" Speaks - Episode: 11/04/15 Personal power pathway to purpose contact us

It is not our strength but God working in us creating the longing and ability to fulfill our purpose.

Pastor "O" Speaks - Episode: 10/28/15 Make a fearless inventory contact us

With the harsh realities of this world we often feel victimized and slaves to a broken system. How do we stand and live out our freedom and victory.

Pastor "O" Speaks - Episode: 10/21/15 Blessed are the poor in spirit contact us

He heals the matter your status in life,you must reconize your spiritual poverty before you ca come to God is faith

Pastor "O" Speaks - Episode: 10/07/15 Don't Waste Your Sorrow contact us

He heals the brokenhearted,and binds up their wounds (healing their pain and comforting their sorrow). Psalm 143:3

Pastor "O" Speaks - Episode: 09/30/15 The Pope and the Golden Rule contact us

In his historic speech to congress,Pope Francis encouraged the legislatures to treat people the way you want to be treated

Pastor "O" Speaks - Episode: 09/23/15 Seek after God first,but contact us

Matthew 6:33-34 "But seek his way of doing and being right then all these things taken together will be given you besides. So don't worry about tomorrow. Sufficent for each day is its own trouble"

Pastor "O" Speaks - Episode: 09/09/15 The Science of Spiritual Transformation contact us

Modern Medicine is daily perfecting Stem Cell transplants, to heal. God has pre-modeled and preordained Eternal and internal transplant of Christ, to transform

Pastor "O" Speaks - Episode: 08/26/15 Hindsight is 20/20 contact us

What tells your mind to say to yourself? is it always good or is it teh child who had to act as parent or is it boundary violations, chronic rejection or even a major traumatic experience? do you dare to ask the question what shaped how I tell myself about me?

Pastor "O" Speaks - Episode: 08/19/15 Tell the truth and shame the devil contact us

You shall know the truth and truth will set you free

Pastor "O" Speaks - Episode: 08/12/15 Karma Kismet Kairost contact us

Do you believe there is a purpose for your being alive? are you the shaper of your future or is there something or someone else pulling the strings? are you the main player on the stage of your life?

Pastor "O" Speaks - Episode: 08/05/15 Oops did I do that? contact us

The road from forgiveness to reconciliation, can we truly be reconciled without an admittance of wrong doing?

Pastor "O" Speaks - Episode: 07/22/15 And They'll Know We are Christians by Our Love contact us

The second greatest commandment after loving God is to love our neighbors as we love our selves. What is the process for loving in a world with so much HATE?

Pastor "O" Speaks - Episode: 07/01/15 Because I Got Faith contact us

The writer of the book of Hebrews defies faith as the substance of things hoped and the evidence of things unseen. How do we live our faith as an action not a concept

Pastor "O" Speaks - Episode: 06/24/15 LAWD, Have Mercy contact us

As the country is reeling from ethnic theft, a young man hated enough to kill nine people in cold blood. After Bible study those dead are dead because they are Black. Where do we go from here?

Pastor "O" Speaks - Episode: 06/10/15 The Power,Purpose and Process of God contact us

God honors the free will He has given His children by giving us time and opportunities to choose sanctification.(w) Holiness is Gods destination. Where are you headed?

Pastor "O" Speaks - Episode: 06/03/15 The things we do contact us

There is no slip sliding into most sin. It is volitional and the sinner's preferred way of being at the time,the contracts with ourselves that we violate and break- The Crux of sin.

Pastor "O" Speaks - Episode: 05/27/15 The power in reclaiming the past contact us

Often times it is our lack of knowing who and why we are that bring doubt fear and confusion into our present. What we dont know or have buried can minimize our own self image

Pastor "O" Speaks - Episode: 05/13/15 Is it God, Luck or Coincidence contact us

When the reason why has no real reason. Our daily lives are filled with chance encounters. Are they God ordained or happenstance

Pastor "O" Speaks - Episode: 05/06/15 Tell the truth and shame the devil contact us

Does heaven have a welcoming party, and who would be in it. We tell people they will see their love ones. Fact,Fiction or Faith? What is heaven anyway


Pastor "O" Speaks - Episode: 04/22/15 What happens when we die contact us

The life,death and resurrection of Christ promises the gift of eternal life for those who believe. How do we access the promise ? What do you Think. What is life anyway? Are we our bodies?

Pastor "O" Speaks - Episode: 04/01/15 How big is your box of expectations contact us

Jesus humbly rode into Jerusalem on a Donkey. the crowd cheered Hosanna-God saves! Days later crowd jeered Crucify him!Jesus didnt meet their expectations. What do you do when God doesn't meet your expectations

Pastor "O" Speaks - Episode: 03/25/15 Forgive them father for they don't know what the samhell they are doing contact us

A dying man asks God to forgive his killers. It is the least that we can do to follow the example Christ set on the cross. How do we live forgiveness like Jesus?

Pastor "O" Speaks - Episode: 03/18/15 In The Gap – Repairer of the Breach contact us

None of us is perfect. God does not require perfection. Should we work very hard an try our best or just yield to Gods’ perfecting process and fills in the gaps of our imperfection. Should we have a Nehemiah spirit.

Pastor "O" Speaks - Episode: 03/11/15 Keep Hope Alive contact us

When our fears become breaking news,how do we have hope while our dreams is defferred


Pastor "O" Speaks - Episode: 03/04/15 Spiritual Parasites contact us

Fear, Anger, Unforgiveness, Unrealistic Expectations, Unholy Soulties. What is stealing your joy and keeping you away from Gods’ divine plan for your life?

Pastor "O" Speaks - Episode: 02/25/15 Are willing to be a mountain climber? contact us

We all have .hopes, dreams, ambitions and goals. Are we really ready to take those steps required to climb the mountain of Gods’ best for our future

Pastor "O" Speaks - Episode: 02/11/15 Caught in the Moment contact us

In the moment God utilizes everything for our healing to be made whole. God doesn’t waste anything that goes on in our lives

Pastor "O" Speaks - Episode: 02/04/15 Are You a good advertisement for Christ? contact us

Do we or do you live life that models love, peace, grace and the hope of Christ. Are we living as walking billboards for God?

Pastor "O" Speaks - Episode: 01/28/15 Just Say Yes contact us

Everything we do or don’t do, say or don’t say – All living is a decision for and another against. One risk after the other. Just say yes to the Lord

Pastor "O" Speaks - Episode: 01/21/15 Best friend or Worst Enemy? contact us

The mirror doesn't lie. Is what you see what you will get? Underneath it all are we our own friend or foe

Pastor "O" Speaks - Episode: 01/14/15 Do you know why you do what you do? contact us

Crack the safe to your inner motivations. What is your lens and who gave you the glasses. You may need recreate your Automatic Response System.

Pastor "O" Speaks - Episode: 01/07/15 “After You’ve Done All You Can” contact us

When it seems that we have tried every conceivable action and we are tired from trying how do we stand and let God be God?

Pastor "O" Speaks - Episode: 12/21/14 Christmas but no Christ contact us

We’ve X’d Christ out, make big money on the day. Where is the Church and what do we say for our high-jacked Holy Day?

Pastor "O" Speaks - Episode: 12/10/14 Be Care-full what you wish for! contact us

Do our desires match the plan that God has for us and if not how do we get on board with God? Rev. Orinda Hawkins-Brinkley

Pastor "O" Speaks - Episode: 12/03/14 The contract on the life of Black Boys contact us

The covers are off, the intent is clear, even a child’s life is not treated with value. Are we repeating Herods’ slaughter of 2000 years ago with the judicial permission of murdering black boys today?

Pastor "O" Speaks - Episode: 11/05/14 Sticks and stones and words that kill contact us

Life and Death is in the power of the tongue. What are you saying?

Pastor "O" Speaks - Episode: 10/29/14 Can one person make a difference? contact us

How to embrace Gods’ strength in our weakness as we become a one person force for change in spite of the risk.

Pastor "O" Speaks - Episode: 10/22/14 And the Band Played On contact us

In the midst of chaos and scary times, does OUR faith give us the perseverance and endurance to go the distance, whatever THE DISTANCE is?

Pastor "O" Speaks - Episode: 10/15/14 Transformation of Evolution contact us

Survival of the fittest vs Survival of the Wisest. What do you believe?

Pastor "O" Speaks - Episode: 10/12/14 Are you Innocent or Are you Guilty? contact us

If you were on trial for being a Christian, would there be enough evidence to convict you? What are your intentions and convictions?

Pastor "O" Speaks - Episode: 10/05/14 Got Church? contact us

Are too busy doing Church rather than being the Church? Reason, Experience, Scripture and Tradition shape the way we do Church., but are too busy doing and becoming and being the Church.

Pastor "O" Speaks - Episode: 09/28/14 Look Before You Leap?.... Ya Think! contact us

Wherever we are in life is the perfect time to know and grow from, to. A stroll down memory lane is often as uncharted as the first time around.

Pastor "O" Speaks - Episode: 09/21/14 It’s Not About You contact us

I know there’s something much more something even non-believers can believe in. I believe in love Alfie, without true love we just exist Alfie.

Pastor "O" Speaks - Episode: 09/14/14 Self-fulfilling or Self-defeating. What do you create? contact us

We are born in the image of Creator so we cannot not create. So even if we do not create what we want intentionally we ultimately create what we don’t want unintentionally because we cannot not create.

Pastor "O" Speaks - Episode: 09/07/14 Good, Better or Best. What is your 10 % contact us

Stewardship – Giving your best to the Master

Pastor "O" Speaks - Episode: 08/24/14 You have to PEEL to HEAL contact us

Getting to the source of pain or the seed of discontent never happens overnight. You have to take it one layer at a time. Exploring a process for healing of memories

Pastor "O" Speaks - Episode: 08/17/14 Can You Hear Me Now? contact us

What is your communication style? What do you need in order to be understood and what do you need to understand? Listen, God is calling, asking “Can you hear me now?

Pastor "O" Speaks - Episode: 08/10/14 Unforgivness – The Hidden Cancer of the Heart contact us

FORGIVE us our sins as we FORGIVE those who sin against us.

Pastor "O" Speaks - Episode: 08/03/14 Do the Right Thing contact us

The things I want to do I don’t do and the things I don’t want to I do. What is my problem?

Pastor "O" Speaks - Episode: 07/27/14 Grace Happens contact us

Source of All Grace: A title for Jesus Christ, reminds us that all grace (supernatural help from God) comes to us from Jesus. However we are the instruments God uses

Pastor "O" Speaks - Episode: 07/20/14 Faith to Fate -part 2 contact us

The sacred paradox – Expectations of individuation, self-realization/determining and independence juxtaposed with Faith requiring Dependence.

Pastor "O" Speaks - Episode: 07/13/14 Faith to Fate contact us

Is faith a concept, a state of being or a way of life? What dos faith look like and how does it affect our future? Is faith an action verb or an indulgent pity party?

Pastor "O" Speaks - Episode: 06/29/14 Giving up and Giving In contact us

How do we move from disappointment to sustained hope.

Pastor "O" Speaks - Episode: 06/22/14 How Big Is Your Log contact us

Why do you observe the splinter in your brothers eyes and never notice the plank in your own

Pastor "O" Speaks - Episode: 06/15/14 Guilt-less Rest contact us

Come unto me all who are heavy laden and I will give you rest” Matt, 11:28

Pastor "O" Speaks - Episode: 06/08/14 Truth or Lie -God only speaks through the Bible contact us

Is God talking to us now? Why go to church and haer a sermon if God has stopped being relevant? Are there more books to be added to the Bible

Pastor "O" Speaks - Episode: 06/01/14 Friends with Benefits contact us

Is our response to the Great Commission more a game of notches in our belt of righteousness for winning people to believe in Christ rather than sharing the gift of LOVE.

Pastor "O" Speaks - Episode: 05/18/14 We either stand together or fall together contact us

Madeleine Albright said it best, “There is a special place in hell for women who don’t help other women”. What is Gods’ ideal for women in relationship with each other?

Pastor "O" Speaks - Episode: 05/11/14 Do As I say Not as I do! contact us

Spirited discussion about “How we can be effective in teaching our children how not to live in familial/generational brokenness.”

Pastor "O" Speaks - Episode: 05/04/14 This Too Shall Pass contact us

Time is relative-So you must use it wisely. Walking the
Obstacle course of life how do we navigate and dodge the land mines on the way to our destiny? There are benefits from walking by faith and not by sight

Pastor "O" Speaks - Episode: 04/27/14 You’d Better Check Yourself before Your Wreck Yourself! contact us

Probe me God, know my heart. Try me and know my anxious thoughts; and see if there is any hurtful or crooked way in me, and lead me into the eternal way Ps. 139:23-24

Pastor "O" Speaks - Episode: 04/20/14 Can you handle the truth? contact us

And the truth shall set you free-but like salt in a wound or violently ripping off a band aid, the truth can hurt.

Pastor "O" Speaks - Episode: 04/13/14 The Back-Stabbers contact us

The Art of Back-Stabbing – How we betray God, ourselves and each other

Pastor "O" Speaks - Episode: 04/06/14 It’s All In Your Mind – Set Your Mind Free contact us

Whom the Son (of God) sets Free is free indeed. Let the mind that is in Christ Jesus be in you or your attitude should be the same as that of Christ Jesus.

Pastor "O" Speaks - Episode: 03/30/14 Help! I Need Somebody contact us

What is help to one person can be a hindrance to another. However we all need help sometimes whether we want it or not.

Pastor "O" Speaks - Episode: 03/16/14 Watch Where You Walk contact us

Potholes, Speed-bumps and our own Two Left Feet. If we don't watch where we are going we just might fall down. Oops did I do that?

Pastor "O" Speaks - Episode: 03/09/14 If YOU Don't Know ME by Now contact us

How can we know others if we don't know ourselves?

Pastor "O" Speaks - Episode: 03/02/14 It's Time To Grow Up contact us

When I was child I thought like a child, I spoke like a child and I acted like a child. But when you get grown things can't remain the same.

Pastor "O" Speaks - Episode: 03/02/14 It's Time To Grow Up contact us

When I was child I thought like a child, I spoke like a child and I acted like a child. But when you get grown things can't remain the same.

Pastor "O" Speaks - Episode: 02/23/14 Has the Church Pleaded the Fifth Amendment? contact us

A candid discussion about the open letter from Pr. Michael Bledsoe to the white churches of Florida.

Pastor "O" Speaks - Episode: 02/16/14 Talk to the Hand Cause the Ears Ain't Listening contact us

Selective hearing, tuning others out, or we just "ain't got time for that". What if we are really missing out on our blessing?

Pastor "O" Speaks - Episode: 02/02/14 Called to be Peacemakers contact us

Forgiven, Forgiving and facilitating Forgiveness is the difficult mark of a Christian as an Ambassador for Christ. Get your BUTT out of the way.

Pastor "O" Speaks - Episode: 01/26/14 Doing Justice: Releasing the Superhero in You contact us

What does the Lord require of you? Do justly ,love mercy and walk humbly with your God.

Pastor "O" Speaks - Episode: 01/19/14 Transition - Walking by Faith and Not By Sight contact us

Dealing with the stress and uncertainty of transition with patience and love.

Pastor "O" Speaks - Episode: 01/12/14 "You Do You and I Do Me"contact us

Dealing with the stress and uncertainty of transition with patience and love.

Pastor "O" Speaks - Episode: 12/15/13 Transition - Walking by Faith and Not By Sight contact us

Dealing with the stress and uncertainty of transition with patience and love.

Pastor "O" Speaks - Episode: 12/08/13 Got Wounds? Got Hope! contact us

Enduring the process of living into Gods' destiny for your life. (Example: Special guest Alicia Keys talks about dating someone while he was married and now reflects on whether he might cheat on her.

Pastor "O" Speaks - Episode: 11/24/13 You Know You've Got Issues if… contact us

"Why do you look at the speck of sawdust in your brother's eye and pay no attention to the plank in your own eye?" Matthew 7:3

Pastor "O" Speaks - Episode: 11/17/13 Reckless Abandon – Do It Til' You're Satisfied contact us

Wouda, Couda, Shouda's, Can'ts and Ain'ts. What's stopping you? Just do it!

Pastor "O" Speaks - Episode: 11/10/13 That's Not My Problem contact us

Practical Benevolence – The journey to release dynamic relationships into the world.

Pastor "O" Speaks - Episode: 11/03/13 Peace Be Still contact us

Through the storms of this life, God calls to rely on Him. How can we be still, know that He is God and practice perfect peace?
(Example: Special guest Alicia Keys talks about dating someone while he was married and now reflects on whether he might cheat on her.)

Pastor "O" Speaks - Episode: 10/27/13 But Can God Count On Us? contact us

Opportunities to be like Jesus happen all the time. We often back out of the deal because we don't like the terms. Can God count on you?

Pastor "O" Speaks - Episode: 10/20/13 Character on the Line With The Preachers of L A contact us

A new TV show on Oxygen sharing the life of five famous preachers in Los Angeles. Will our bubbles be burst and our faith be tested?

Pastor "O" Speaks - Episode: 10/13/13 Trust God More and Learn to Worry Less contact us

An open, informational and inspiring conversation about climbing out of the worry rut through learning to trust God.

Pastor "O" Speaks - Episode: 10/06/13 Salvation: Jesus Paid It All! contact us

The thief on the cross beside Jesus paid for his own sin and then went to paradise/heaven. Is this true accountability?

Pastor "O" Speaks - Episode: 09/29/13 Does God Dare Us to Trust Him? contact us

Are the trials and tribulations in our lives coincidences?

Pastor "O" Speaks - Episode: 09/15/13 Straighten Up and Fly Right contact us

Are we as Christians really supposed to be and live right all the time? Or is our commitment to God deeper than just moral values?

Pastor "O" Speaks - Episode: 09/08/13 Living in the Future or One Day at a Time? contact us

Are we so focused on our hopes and dreams that we forget to stop and smell the roses? How do we live in the present with an aim to our future?

Pastor "O" Speaks - Episode: 08/21/13 Faith: Christian Jargon or A Way of Life? contact us

A discussion on faith. Is it empty words and repetitive phrases or is it a way of becoming who you are?

Pastor "O" Speaks - Episode: 08/18/13 'I Got It From My Momma' contact us

Who we are, why we are? Inherited ways of being. What do we really get from our parents?

Pastor "O" Speaks - Episode: 08/04/13 This is DEEP! contact us

Unmasking our personal truths, squeezing the lie out of our life and revealing the layers to go beyond face value.

Pastor "O" Speaks - Episode: 07/28/13 Real Love!! contact us

Non-Negotiable Mandatories about loving.

Pastor "O" Speaks - Episode: 07/21/13 No Justice No Peace? What Does and What Will The Church Say? contact us

In the aftermath of George Zimmerman being found not guilty, Is the message to black male youth that their lives are expendable? Slavery to the Civil Rights Movement to Stand your ground laws, How will the Church heal the wound and give hope for a future?

Pastor "O" Speaks - Episode: 07/14/13 JUST SAY NO! contact us

People pleasing and trying to be nice: a recipe for migraine headaches, upset stomach, a twitching eyelid, bouts of persistent intellectual stress and even irritable bowel syndrome. Why do we do it? Think about it.

Pastor "O" Speaks - Episode: 06/30/13 And the Wisdom to Know the Difference contact us

The Serenity Prayer... Just a plaque on the wall or does it really work?

Pastor "O" Speaks - Episode: 06/23/13 Who Am I? contact us

A thought-provoking exploration of our identity as humans created in the image of God.

Pastor "O" Speaks - Episode: 06/16/13 Time, Talent and Treasure contact us

A challenging discussion about our reasons to believe in God or our rationale for disbelief.

Pastor "O" Speaks - Episode: 06/09/13 To Believe or Not to Believe contact us

A challenging discussion about our reasons to believe in God or our rationale for disbelief.

Pastor "O" Speaks - Episode: 06/02/13 Tragedy – Living Human contact us

Death, Divorce, Disaster: the Bane of Humanity and our response as the People of Hope.

Pastor "O" Speaks - Episode: 05/26/13 The Fire Inside: The Journey of Pentecost Today contact us

Pastor O says the power of the Holy Spirit is like an all-consuming fire, propelling us onto new paths because it is designed for the one doing the walking.

Pastor "O" Speaks - Episode: 05/19/13 Confess to Success contact us

We often wonder why things don't work out for us. Relationships fail and dreams don't come true and we often feel like victims of circumstances out of our control. But what if we ourselves are helping to create a reality that we don't, want primarily by what we say. What we tell ourselves becomes what we hear and often that is what we create. We need to watch our mouths. Our elders were wrong, words can hurt us even our own.

Pastor "O" Speaks - Episode: 05/12/13 Fear Factor vs. Love Connection-Whachu Talkin 'bout?contact us

Pastor O talks about good church folk, intent on saving lost souls for Christ, have focused on convicting them of their sins but the unconditional love of God seems to be missing from the foundation of salvation. What is our goal as Christians? To create fear and shame or share the awesome love of the one who created us and sacrificed for us to live in hope, peace, strength and love. "If you die tonight, do you know where you will spend eternity?"

Pastor "O" Speaks - Episode: 05/05/13 God Won't Put More On You Than You Can Bear contact us

Pastor O ask does God sit up in Heaven and devise the worst circumstances for our lives and then watches us struggle and suffer our way through them? What does scripture say about it anyway, or is this just a saying or a coping mechanism to escape responsibility, culpability and growth. Blame God, He is big enough to handle it.

Pastor "O" Speaks - Episode: 04/28/13 Loving and Forgiving – Our Assignment from God contact us

Colossians 3:12-14 reminds us to let the fruit of the Holy Spirit guide our living with each other. We forgive each other as the Lord has forgiven us. “And above all these put on love, which binds everything together in perfect harmony”. The love we receive we must practice giving.

Pastor "O" Speaks - Episode: 04/21/13 They’ll Know We Are Christians By Our Love contact us

Hebrews 11:6, admonishes that “Without faith it is impossible to please God.” Unbelievers look at Christians to see a reason to believe to see if they are real and to ask the question is God is real, and if so SHOW ME. The truth is Christians all fall short and consistency, but love never fails.___________________

Pastor "O" Speaks - Episode: 04/14/13 Conflict Management for Christians contact us

Pastor O talks about Christians as Christ imitators who are called to be peacemakers and given the ministry of reconciliation. The success or failure depend on their ability to forgive and be vessels of unconditional love. Trouble and challenges abound.

Pastor "O" Speaks - Episode: 04/07/13 Living Hope for a Living Christ contact us

Pastor Orinda talks about entering through faith into what God has wanted to do for us, setting us right with him, making us fit for him so that we become Easter People transformed by love

Pastor "O" Speaks - Episode: 03/31/13 How to be really perfect: Understanding Christian Maturity contact us

Pastor O has a holy spirit-inspired discussion on the marks of Christian maturity. She reminds us to be perfect, as our Heavenly Father is perfect--therefore, in a word, "Grow up".

Pastor "O" Speaks - Episode: 03/17/13 Holistic Poverty contact us

Holistic Poverty - marginalized, spirituality, mentally, emotionally, financially and societal. Re entry hurdles for women.

Pastor "O" Speaks - Episode: 03/10/13 God's Preferential Option For The Poor Pt 2 contact us

Information- Scriptuals That Relates To Christians And Churches.

Pastor "O" Speaks - Episode: 03/03/13 God's Preferential Option For The Poor contact us


Pastor "O" Speaks - Episode: 02/24/13 Repentance Brings God's Goodness contact us

It's not by our actions that bring God's goodness but God's love which is independent at our actions or lack of them.

Pastor "O" Speaks - Episode: 02/17/13 Who Sinned? contact us

Looking At Sin Through Theological, Nature Vs Nuture And Scientitic Discovery.

Pastor "O" Speaks - Episode: 02/03/13 Change Is A Painful Rewarding Process contact us

Roman 12:2 - To shape a conversation about change that is external not superficial.

Pastor "O" Speaks - Episode: 01/27/13 Change contact us

Roman 12:2 - To shape a conversation about change that is external not superficial.

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