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PODCASTS: Senior Agenda

Senior Agenda - Episode: 09/21/17 Open Mic  Play

Callers tell us what’s on their senior agenda.

Senior Agenda - Episode: 09/14/17 Celebrating National Assisted Living Week with Parkside.  Play

Jill and Kristel from Parkside Village Senior Living Community join for a discussion about all things assisted living.

Senior Agenda - Episode: 07/27/17 Supporting a Cancer Patient  Play

Author Stan Goldberg explains how to love, support ad care for someone with Cancer.

Senior Agenda - Episode: 07/20/17 How to Get the Most Out of Your Doctor’s Visit  Play

Annette Ticoras of Guided Patient Services joins us to discuss what is means to be a patient advocate.

Senior Agenda - Episode: 06/29/17 Minding Our Elders  Play

Elder support expert Carol Bradley Bursak joins for an insightful discussion about an array of senior issues.

Senior Agenda - Episode: 06/22/17 Crime Stoppers  Play

Senior safety explored with the owner of Crime Stoppers.

Senior Agenda - Episode: 06/15/17 The Furniture Bank / Downsize with a Heart  Play

Furniture for needy funded in part by Downsize with a Heart.

Senior Agenda - Episode: 06/08/17 Music Therapy  Play

An explanation about how and why music is so therapeutic from Lucy Brown of Sound Inspirations.

Senior Agenda - Episode: 06/01/17 Urban Zen  Play

Overview of the Urban Zen IntegrativeTherapy Program at Wexner Heritage Village.

Senior Agenda - Episode: 05/04/17 Yoga and Osteoporosis  Play

Stephanie Carter Kelley of Yoga Physical Therapist explains the benefits of yoga for bone health.

Senior Agenda - Episode: 04/27/17 Senior Living in Powell  Play

Introducing Powell Senior Living for those who want to continue their active lifestyle with the support of community living.

Senior Agenda - Episode: 04/20/17 Patient Advocacy with iKor  Play

Melanie Hankinson & Sandy Miller talk about everything from life management to medical and financial advocacy for seniors.

Senior Agenda - Episode: 04/13/17 Easter Celebration  Play

Music tribute followed by discussion about the importance of forgiveness.

Senior Agenda - Episode: 04/06/17 National Parkinson’s Awareness Month  Play

10 Early Warning Signs & more about PD.

Senior Agenda - Episode: 03/30/17 Age-Related Health Issues and the Role of the Nurse Practitioner  Play

Nurse Practitioner Angie Hoff of At Your Door: Visiting Healthcare Services shares information and answers questions about senior health.

Senior Agenda - Episode: 03/23/17 Meet Terri Glimcher  Play

Helping children understand Alzheimer’s and dementia.

Senior Agenda - Episode: 03/16/17 Grove City’s Sassy Seniors in the Studio  contact us

Rosemary, Melba and Susan share insights and perspectives.

Senior Agenda - Episode: 03/09/17 Age-Friendly Columbus – Survey Results  contact us

Michael Stinziano from Columbus City Counsel and Katie White from Mid-Ohio Regional Planning Commission share senior survey results.

Senior Agenda - Episode: 03/02/17 The Importance of Social Work  contact us

Discussion with social workers from Wexner Heritage Village included the value of social work, hospice and their intergenerational arts program.

Senior Agenda - Episode: 02/23/17 Catholic Social Services  contact us

Mary Dinasky joins us for a lively discussion about being faith-based and doing good in the community.

Senior Agenda - Episode: 02/09/17 Montessori Method & Dementia Care  contact us

Meet Tom & Karen Brenner, authors of “You Say Goodbye and We Say Hello; The Montessori Method for Positive Dementia Care.”

Senior Agenda - Episode: 01/26/17 Celebrating Caregivers  contact us

The meaning of caregiving

Senior Agenda - Episode: 12/08/16 Standing Rock  contact us

Great Grandmother Mary Lyons joins for an insightful conversation

Senior Agenda - Episode: 11/17/16 Beating the Blues this Holiday Season  contact us

Shari Jo Watkins joins us to share ideas about how to combat the winter blues and the resurgence of grief many seniors face during the holidays.

Senior Agenda - Episode: 11/10/16 Aging & Healthcare at Ohio University  contact us

Randy Leite, PhD. Dean, College of Health Sciences and Professionals joins us to discuss what young professionals need to know about aging before they graduate.

Senior Agenda - Episode: 10/27/16 All Things Medicare  contact us

Ohio Senior Health Insurance Information Program (OSHIIP) volunteer, Debbie Ayers, joins us to answers all your Medicare questions.

Senior Agenda - Episode: 10/20/16 Senior Living Festival 2016  contact us

Fran Ryan and Janet Caldwell invite our listeners to this year’s festival at the Hollywood Casino.

Senior Agenda - Episode: 10/06/16 Our Fear of Death & Hospice  contact us

Why do we refuse to talk about it?

Senior Agenda - Episode: 09/29/16 Pension Poachers / Veteran’s Administration  contact us

Aid and Attenance : A Well Kept Secret

Senior Agenda - Episode: 09/15/16 Age-Friendly Columbus  contact us

Katie White from MORPC joins for a discussion about surveying Columbus seniors to learn about their concerns.

Senior Agenda - Episode: 09/08/16 Sassy Seniors  contact us

As always, Rosemary and Susan offer candid advice and insight.

Senior Agenda - Episode: 09/01/16 Celebrating Assisted Living Communities  contact us

Spotlight on Hilliard Assisted Living and Memory Care: A Spectrum Retirement Community.

Senior Agenda - Episode: 08/25/16 Transition Times  contact us

Mary Greenlee joins us to share information about a company she developed based on her own discoveries about the importance of being prepared following the loss of her spouse.

Senior Agenda - Episode: 08/18/16 Senior Comedy  contact us

Slow down and remember to laugh!

Senior Agenda - Episode: 08/11/16 Open Mic  contact us

Listen as callers call in to share what’s on their senior agenda.

Senior Agenda - Episode: 08/04/16 Vitality to You  contact us

Bringing therapy to seniors who are otherwise overlooked.

Senior Agenda - Episode: 06/30/16 Sassy Seniors  contact us

Rosemary and Susan speak to a variety of senior issues including how to bounce back after hardship

Senior Agenda - Episode: 06/23/16 Suicide…A Survivor’s Story  contact us

Meet Rick who has dedicated his life to suicide prevention after losing his own child to suicide

Senior Agenda - Episode: 06/16/16 Scott Page  contact us

It’s Never Too Late with Scott Page!

Senior Agenda - Episode: 06/09/16 Equine Therapy for Dementia Patients  contact us

The Ohio State University and PBJ Connections are studying how equine therapy might benefit dementia and Alzheimer’s patients.

Senior Agenda - Episode: 05/26/16 Open Mic  contact us

Callers tell us what’s on their senior agenda.

Senior Agenda - Episode: 05/19/16 Dynamic Senior Solutions  contact us

Certified Dementia Practitioner trainers join us to discuss the top three challenges that families with dementia face.

Senior Agenda - Episode: 05/12/16 Breathe  contact us

Discussing breathing disorders including COPD with experts from The Breathing Association.

Senior Agenda - Episode: 04/28/16 Care and Host  contact us

Exploring a new concept in senior housing with Dr. Robert Banasik

Senior Agenda - Episode: 04/14/16 Creating Change  contact us

Change is inevitable. We can accept it, challenge it, or create it.

Senior Agenda - Episode: 04/07/16 Alzheimer’s Advocates in Action  contact us

Lisa is joined by local Alzheimer’s advocate Evan DuBro for a lively and honest discussion about the plight of Alzheimer’s patients.

Senior Agenda - Episode: 03/24/16 Slow Down, Listen & Learn with Trailblazer Fran Ryan  contact us

Fran Ryan has been called the “Columbus icon and crwon jewel of our senior community. Tune in to learn why.

Senior Agenda - Episode: 03/10/16 Slow Down, Listen and Learn with Carol Sommer  contact us

Carol Sommer is loving life as a senior real estate agent working on behalf of seniors.

Senior Agenda - Episode: 03/03/16 Interview with Michael Levin  contact us

New York Times best-selling author chats with us about aging and the importance of legacy.

Senior Agenda - Episode: 02/25/16 Consumer Protection – Know Your Rights contact us

The Ohio Attorney General’s office explains how to protect ourselves as consumers.

Senior Agenda - Episode: 02/18/16 Dr. Gina Love-Walker  contact us

Dr. Gina Love-Walker talked about her senior program

Senior Agenda - Episode: 02/04/16 Central Ohio Area Agency on Aging  contact us

Aging solutions including services, resources and education from COAAA

Senior Agenda - Episode: 01/28/16 Making Informed Healthcare Decisions  contact us

Confused about healthcare options? Seniors Resource Hub can help.

Senior Agenda - Episode: 01/21/16 Dementia and Alzheimer’s Care - Ganzhorn Style  contact us

Learning how to care for and getting folks to care about dementia and Alzheimer’s patients.

Senior Agenda - Episode: 01/07/16 Aging in America  contact us

Learning to embrace and appreciate seniors and the elderly.

Senior Agenda - Episode: 12/10/15 Open Mic  contact us

Phone guest called in talking about their programs and what was being offered

Senior Agenda - Episode: 12/03/15 `Refugees – What to Do?  contact us

Representatives from CRIS (Community Refugee & Immigration Services) discuss the local situation.

Senior Agenda - Episode: 11/19/15 Sassy Seniors plus One  contact us

The Sassy Seniors are joined by a special guest to help celebrate Lisa’s 50th birthday!

Senior Agenda - Episode: 10/22/15 Slow Down, Listen, & Learn with Mrs. D.  contact us

80-year old Delores shares her experiences from faith, love, loss, activism and beyond.

Senior Agenda - Episode: 10/15/15 Slow Down, Listen, and Learn with Lorraine  contact us

90-year-old Lorraine Niese shares her life lessons & insights.

Senior Agenda - Episode: 10/01/15 OHIO GAP-Grassroots Alzheimer's Project  contact us

Creating a social movement around Alzheimer's and dementia

Senior Agenda - Episode: 09/17/15 Happy National Assisted Living Week  contact us

GUESTS-91 year old Tommie,91 year old Don, and 85 year old Joan share what assisted living means to them

Senior Agenda - Episode: 09/10/15 Sassy Seniors  contact us

Rosemary, Melba, and Susan tell us what they think!

Senior Agenda - Episode: 09/03/15 Open Mic  contact us

Slow down Listen N Learn Visiting Guest Jessica . The phone lines are open

Senior Agenda - Episode: 08/27/15 Happy Women's Equality Day  contact us

How far have we come? What's left to accomplish?

Senior Agenda - Episode: 08/20/15 Let's Laugh Together  contact us

Laughter really is the best medicine

Senior Agenda - Episode: 08/13/15 Introducing Stone Oak Retirement Community  contact us

This program also includes details about Lisa’s recent hospitalization

Senior Agenda - Episode: 08/06/15 Hospice,Hope,& Faith  contact us

What really matters at the end of life

Senior Agenda - Episode: 07/09/15 Exposing Ageism,Senior Hunger,and the VA!  contact us

We are sick of the nonsense! How about you?

Senior Agenda - Episode: 06/25/15 Pet Therapy & Seniors  contact us

From daily life to rehabilitation to grief – pets make a positive difference!

Senior Agenda - Episode: 06/18/15 Sassy Seniors  contact us

Our three sassy seniors discuss the generation gap, technology, customer service, and more…

Senior Agenda - Episode: 06/11/15 Open Mic  contact us

Phone lines are open with focus on ways to close the generation gap

Senior Agenda - Episode: 06/04/15 LGBT Elders  contact us

Do members of the LGBT Community experience heath care disparities as they age?

Senior Agenda - Episode: 05/21/15 Senior Down-Sizing  contact us

Guest-Realtor Carol Sommers talks rewards & challenges when down-sizing

Senior Agenda - Episode: 05/14/15 Art & Aging  contact us

Artist/instructor David Myers explains how and why older adults benefit from participating in community arts.

Senior Agenda - Episode: 05/07/15 Open Mic  contact us

Phones lines open and callers ranged from hospice to placement to aid for veterans and beyond!

Senior Agenda - Episode: 04/30/15 Preventing Blindness among Seniors  contact us

Age-related vision challenges and solutions

Senior Agenda - Episode: 04/16/15 Got Purpose?  contact us

When you feel helpless, help someone else!

Senior Agenda - Episode: 04/02/15 Pets & Pet Parents  contact us

The importance of nutrition-from the inside out!

Senior Agenda - Episode: 03/26/15 Senior Advocates-Talktainment-Style  contact us

From Alzheimer's to health care disparities to local neighborhoods-it's all about seniors!

Senior Agenda - Episode: 03/19/15 Our Sassy Seniors  contact us

Rosemary,Melba and Susan share personal stories!

Senior Agenda - Episode: 03/12/15 Home Healthcare in Ohio  contact us

Is It as Bad as they Say?

Senior Agenda - Episode: 03/05/15 Open Mic  contact us

It's all about the caller today!

Senior Agenda - Episode: 02/26/15 Suddenly Solo  contact us

Life after the loss of a life-partner.

Senior Agenda - Episode: 02/19/15 Death Cafes and End of Life Discussions contact us

Join our panel of experts to discover why some things are worth talking about!

Senior Agenda - Episode: 02/12/15 MyCareOhio - Is It Working Yet? contact us

Ohio Consumer Voice for Integrated Care Rep John Arnold in the studio to answer questions.

Senior Agenda - Episode: 02/05/15 Arthritis Hurts - Breaking the Pain Chain contact us

How to Break the Chronic Pain Associated with Arthritis.

Senior Agenda - Episode: 01/15/15 Here's Looking at 2015 contact us

What is a senior to do in 2015? We have some ideas, announcements and events to share!

Senior Agenda - Episode: 01/08/15 Interview with children of WWI - two lives - one era contact us

Peg (USA) and Hilde (Germany) share their very different experiences as children of WWII

Senior Agenda - Episode: 12/11/14 Sassy Seniors - The Meaning of Life contact us

What does aging teach us about the meaning of life?

Senior Agenda - Episode: 12/04/14 Give Back or Pay It Forward thru Senior Advocacy  contact us

Discussion focuses on senior poverty, homelessness, veteran's healthcare, a sense of community & Alzheimer's

Senior Agenda - Episode: 11/13/14 90 Year Old WWII Veteran Arrested for Feeding Homeless  contact us

Should it be illegal to feed the homeless?

Senior Agenda - Episode: 11/06/14 Activism for Seniors  contact us

We simply need to do better! And we can - especially when it comes to Alzheimer's & dementia.

Senior Agenda - Episode: 10/30/14 Last Open Mic of 2014  contact us

Open mic segment with focus on Ohio Grassroots Alzheimer's Project!

Senior Agenda - Episode: 10/23/14 Open Mic & Tribute to Alonzo J. "Lonnie" King, Jr  contact us

Open mic segment where our callers determine content.

Senior Agenda - Episode: 10/16/14 Volunteer Your Way thru the Holiday/Winter Blues  contact us

Open mic segment exploring the merits of volunteerism & volunteer opportunities

Senior Agenda - Episode: 10/09/14 How to Stay Encouraged  contact us

We can all identify reasons to be discouraged but let's talk encouragement.

Senior Agenda - Episode: 10/02/14 Straight Talk with our Sassy Seniors  contact us

From concepts of "ageless beauty" to the legalizations of marijuana & beyond!

Senior Agenda - Episode: 09/18/14 Parkinson's Disease with emphasis on Diagnosis  contact us

Diagnostic tools and beyond.

Senior Agenda - Episode: 09/11/14   contact us


Senior Agenda - Episode: 09/04/14 Hospice Business Practices under Scrutiny  contact us

Local hospice steps up to answer the tough questions.

Senior Agenda - Episode: 08/28/14 Abortion from a Senior Perspective  contact us

Is hindsight really 20/20? Listen as we hear from a local senior during one of our Slow Down, Listen & Learn segments.

Senior Agenda - Episode: 08/21/14 Mental Health: We Need to Start Talking about It!  contact us

Mental health issues have been taboo among seniors for too long!

Senior Agenda - Episode: 08/14/14 Mindset Matters  contact us

Positive people live longer, healthier, happier lives

Senior Agenda - Episode: 08/07/14 Alzheimer's & Ageism  contact us

Emphasis on underlying assumptions about aging that are making way for what is sure to be our greatest health care crisis yet.

Senior Agenda - Episode: 07/31/14 Open Mic - the phone lines are open!  contact us

Lively discussion including everything from raising grandchildren to social security

Senior Agenda - Episode: 07/24/14 Healthcare Challenges for Ohio  contact us

Program Director John Arnold from UHCAN Ohio & Ohio Consumer Voice for Integrated Care answers the hard questions from ObamaCare to MyCareOhio

Senior Agenda - Episode: 07/17/14 Open Mic - the phone lines are open!!!!  contact us

Lively discussion with our listeners about everything from discrimination based on age to grandchildren

Senior Agenda - Episode: 07/10/14 Senior Hunger Facts & Solutions  contact us

Lively discussion with folks on the front lines including St. Stephen's Community House and Purpose for Women International

Senior Agenda - Episode: 07/03/14 Slow Down, Listen & Learn with Sandra Gurvis  contact us

Author of 16 books and hundreds of magazine articles shares her perspectives and life lessons.

Senior Agenda - Episode: 06/26/14 Age-Related Hearing Loss  contact us

Types of hearing loss & remedies identified with Southland Hearing.

Senior Agenda - Episode: 06/19/14 Retirement Communities  contact us

How do you know when it's time?

Senior Agenda - Episode: 06/12/14 Sassy Seniors tackle many issues  contact us

Guests Rosemary Barkcus,Melba and Susan and Dennis

Senior Agenda - Episode: 05/29/14 Slow Down, Listen & Learn with Inez Heller Jones  contact us

An empty nester's journey - infidelity and beyond.

Senior Agenda - Episode: 05/22/14 Senior Agenda - Celebrating Our First Year  contact us

A look back and forward with Lisa.

Senior Agenda - Episode: 05/15/14 Home Health Aides - Background Checks Required?  contact us

Local owners join us as we discuss home health aides gone bad & possible safe guards.

Senior Agenda - Episode: 05/08/14 Slow Down, Listen and Learn with Sandi Latimer  contact us

Local senior shares snippets of her experiences as a life-time writer.

Senior Agenda - Episode: 05/01/14 The Role of Grandparents & New Memory Care in Town  contact us

A brief description of today’s episode:PBJ Connections & Glenwood Alzheimer's Special Care Center

Senior Agenda - Episode: 04/24/14 Local Debate over Alzheimer's Residents  contact us

A brief description of today’s episode: Is there room in Dublin for Alzheimer's residents?

Senior Agenda - Episode: 04/17/14 Advocating for Alzheimer-Pt -2  contact us

Guests-Evan from "Our Famil Homes" also Michelle Crum From Alzheimer's Association

Senior Agenda - Episode: 04/10/14 Advocating for Alzheimer's - Part One  contact us

A brief description of today’s episode: Personal experiences lead to activism.

Senior Agenda - Episode: 04/03/14 The Importance of Caregiver Self-Care   contact us

A brief description of today’s episode: Self care specialist & author Theresa Cloud Eagle shares insights.

Senior Agenda - Episode: 03/27/14 Slow Down, Listen & Learn with Dwight Lenox contact us

A brief description of today's episode: Local jazz singer shares pieces of his story and music. AMAZING!

Senior Agenda - Episode: 03/20/14 Life Re-Imagined and Jewish Family Services contact us

A brief description of today's episode: Local woman celebrated as winner of AARP's Life- Re-Imagined Award and JFS sharing some compensatory strategies for the mature job seeker in today's market.

Senior Agenda - Episode: 03/13/14 Senior Safety contact us

Members of the local Westerville City Police Department discuss their efforts to protect and serve seniors. Also in the studio is Founder and CEO- Kevin Murphy of Playground Nations discussing internet safety for children and grandchildren.

Senior Agenda - Episode: 03/06/14 Domestic Violence in the Golden Years contact us

Dr. Jackie Davis, Associate Professor at The Ohio State University College of Optometry and Laura Schwartz, Special Projects Coordinator of Prevent Blindness Ohio discuss disease processes and treatment remedies.

Senior Agenda - Episode: 02/27/14 Low Vision, Blindness & Age-Related Eye Disorders contact us

Dr. Jackie Davis, Associate Professor at The Ohio State University College of Optometry and Laura Schwartz, Special Projects Coordinator of Prevent Blindness Ohio discuss disease processes and treatment remedies.

Senior Agenda - Episode: 02/20/14 Girlfriend Chatter with Three Sassy Seniors contact us

Melba Hompertz, Rosemary Barkes, and Susan Brunner join us for an open discussion about everything from politics to sex. These three are a trio of spitfire!

Senior Agenda - Episode: 02/13/14 Elder Abuse, Neglect and Exploitation contact us

Shaun & members from the Franklin County office on aging.

Senior Agenda - Episode: 02/06/14 Social Security: It is at Risk? contact us

Representatives from the Social Security Administration & The Committee to Preserve Social Security & Medicare answer questions about current benefits and the future.

Senior Agenda - Episode: 01/30/14 The "Village" Movement contact us

Discussion around a new movement that includes community outreach, volunteerism, concierge services and home health care working together to keep seniors in their homes.

Senior Agenda - Episode: 01/23/14 Stroke Awareness & our Celebration of Grandparents contact us

Stroke facts, causes, symptoms, risk factors, treatment options and prevention.

Senior Agenda - Episode: 01/16/14 Spotlight on The Worthington contact us

Commentary on age discrimination, celebration of grandparents continued and guests from a local retirement community called The Worthington.

Senior Agenda - Episode: 01/09/14 How to Combat Loneliness Through Volunteerism contact us

This discussion includes the personal benefits of volunteering (it's good for you) and a list of local resources for consideration.

Senior Agenda - Episode: 12/26/13 The Holiday Blues contact us

Seniors feel the impact of post-holiday blues and seasonal depression more than most. Tune in for an honest discussion that includes solutions.

Senior Agenda - Episode: 12/19/13 Slow Down Listen & Learn with Dr. Norm Burns contact us

This is a sensational conversation with Lisa Stockdale and Dr. Norm Burns.

Senior Agenda - Episode: 12/12/13 Marriages That Stand the Test of Time contact us

Marriage misconceptions and truths explored through research and experience.

Senior Agenda - Episode: 12/05/13 Be a Santa to a Senior contact us

Learn how to make a difference in the life of a senior during this holiday season.

Senior Agenda - Episode: 11/14/13 Is the Generation Gap Widening? contact us

Guest Julie Whitney Scott, director and writer of the musical "That Special Joy" which hones in on the disconnect that too often occurs between generations.

Senior Agenda - Episode: 11/07/13 Nursing Home Care contact us

The pros and cons of nursing home care, including rehab and long term care.

Senior Agenda - Episode: 10/31/13 Confronting Death contact us

Part One - How to Support Loved Ones and Friends Facing Death and Part Two - How to Talk to our Children about Death.

Senior Agenda - Episode: 10/24/13 Medicare & You contact us

All about Medicare.

Senior Agenda - Episode: 10/17/13 Understanding Senior Services at Home contact us

Guests- Stephanie Ward,Christen Ecannon & Lori Winger.

Senior Agenda - Episode: 09/26/13 National Parkinson's Foundation, Franklin County Task Force on Aging contact us

Learn all about Parkinson's Disease and volunteer opportunities.

Senior Agenda - Episode: 09/19/13 Senior Homelessness / The Good Neighbor's Picnic contact us

Discussion about the fact that homelessness is especially brutal for seniors and focus on the Good Neighbor's Picnic for the homeless in central Ohio.

Senior Agenda - Episode: 09/12/13 Jimmie Sue Swilling's Miracle and Senior Services contact us

A kidney is found followed by a discussion about senior services with local providers.

Senior Agenda - Episode: 09/05/13 Scams Against Seniors contact us

Panel of experts include a representative from the Attorney General Office and two detectives from the Columbus City Police Department's Fraud and Forgery Unit. Types of scams used against seniors are identified and solutions provided.

Senior Agenda - Episode: 08/29/13 Slow Down, Listen & Learn with Ed Kuehnle & Son contact us

Listen as today's senior guest shares elements of his story including his service in Vietnam.

Senior Agenda - Episode: 08/22/13 Abbington Assisted Living: A Social Model of Wellness contact us

Learn all about the Abbington Assisted Living communities in Powell, Arlington and Pickerington.

Senior Agenda - Episode: 08/15/13 Show Host & Author Yolanda Robinson contact us

We talk about Ms. Robinson's career and her book.

Senior Agenda - Episode: 08/08/13 Central Ohio Area Agency on Aging contact us

Learn all about the mission and mandate of COAAA including the Ohio PASSPORT program, assisted living waiver program, caregiver support and more.

Senior Agenda - Episode: 08/01/13 A Mother/Daughter Journey Shared in The Dementia Dance contact us

A call to action and Alzheimer's alternatives.

75 year -old Rosemary Barkes shares practical advice and honest observations about her experiences with memory care, family, and outside support as she stood with her mother in the dementia dance till the very end.

Senior Agenda - Episode: 07/25/13 How to Beat Age Discrimination in the Job Search contact us

A call to action and Alzheimer's alternatives.

Representatives from the Success Program offered by Jewish Family Services offer sound advice and direction to unemployed professional seniors looking for work.

Senior Agenda - Episode: 07/18/13 A Call to Action & Alzheimer's Alternatives contact us

A call to action and Alzheimer's alternatives.

Senior Agenda - Episode: 07/11/13 "We Need a Kidney" / The Medicaid Spend-Down contact us

This program is divided into two segments - the first includes a call to action for a family looking for a kidney and the second is an educational piece about the importance of funeral pre-planning and the Medicaid spend-down.

Senior Agenda - Episode: 06/27/13 Slow Down, Listen, and Learn: Featuring Izetta Torina contact us

Local female pastor shares pieces of her personal story including the loss of her beloved husband and the grief and recovery that followed.

Senior Agenda - Episode: 06/20/13 It's a Family Affair - Assisted Living & Beyond contact us

Three local professionals working to service seniors in our community discuss the rewards and challenges of working in senior communities - especially assisted living.

Senior Agenda - Episode: 06/13/13 Fall Prevention & The Importance of Balance contact us

Panel of experienced healthcare professionals discuss the importance of balance including the preventive measures, fear of falling and treatment options.

Senior Agenda - Episode: 06/06/13 Father's Day Special contact us

Guest fathers talk about the father's place in family life.

Senior Agenda - Episode: 05/30/13 All About Alzheimer's and Dementia contact us

Two experts discuss disease signs, symptoms, and progression with some care options.

Senior Agenda - Episode: 05/16/13 Heroic Conversations About Hospice, Death & Dying contact us

Join us as we discuss the importance of pre-planning, hospice, and the campaign to "normalize" death and dying.

Senior Agenda - Episode: 05/09/13 A Tribute to Senior Mothers contact us

We pay tribute to senior mothers with singing guest Judy Singleton and local business woman Sue Crow with song dedications and gift ideas.

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